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It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with talented Ph.D. students, and help them grow into independent researchers. They are listed in chronological order, with first placement, and current job.

  • Bala Krishnamoorthy, 2004 Washington State University
  • Burcu Aydin, 2008 (co-advised with J.S. Marron), HP Research, now at Facebook
  • Mustafa Kemal Tural 2008 Postdoc at Telcordia Laboratories, now at Middle East Technical University
  • Minghui Liu, 2015 SAS Institute, Cary. Now at Walmart.
  • Yuzixuan (Melody) Zhu (co-advised with Q-T Dinh), 2020. Exxon-Mobile.
  • Alex Touzov 2022, American Airlines.